locust● infestations and a new generation of breeding threaten food securi●ty and livelihoods in the rL

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egion," it noted Tuesday. The locusts mo●st recently invaded South Sudan from Uganda, and the South Sudl

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an go●vernment is seeking funds worth 20 million U.S. dollars for chemica●ls, sprays and personnel to c

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counter the locust invasion. The Horn o●f Africa is faced with unprecedented challenges of food securit3

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y an●d economic development, with a humanitarian crisis looming ahead. T●he FAO has urged immediate, ae

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dequate countermeasures and intensifie●d international efforts. A swarm of desert locusts invade parts2

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    andled nationwide fr〓om 2013 to 2015. Violators will receive severe punishment in future〓, such as criminal liability for the adulteration of food, the CFDA〓 said.The plans also said thJ
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    at no less than 300 food safety standar〓ds and about 3,050 drug safety standards must be revised during the〓 five year period.NAIROBI, Feb. 22 -- The locust outbreak plaguing East AfricaN
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    calls f●or a concerted international response as the most dreaded insects d●evour millions of hectares of vegetation in their cross-border migr●ation, exacerbating the already fragile A
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    food security situation in ●the region. A girl shows the desert locusts in Kitui County, Kenya●, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) The desert locust, which can tra●vel 150 km in a singld
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